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We all know that car seats are heavy and difficult to load into a car trunk or even to carry.

These huge pieces of equipment referred to as “car seats” in America, come in all different sizes, styles, and shapes and are bulky to store in the boot of your vehicle.


The Best Car Seats for Traveling With Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

1. Chicco KeyFit 35 Infant Car Seat (Overall The Best )


Baby Travel Car Seat
Baby Travel Car Seat

The Keyfit 35 is a good infant seat that is easy to install thanks to the SuperCinch system. The seat has an easy-to-grip handle and a non-rethread harness adjustment for on-the-fly correction. The Keyfit 35 is compatible with a variety of strollers and has a better crash test analysis than most of the competition. If you need to carry it with a baby inside, the Keyfit 35 might be heavier than other competitors. It’s hard to have the canopy and handle upright because of the rubbing issue. This high-ranking seat is perfect for most families and we think the price is just icing on the cake.

  • One-hand, click-in attachment for effortless mobility
  • Better crash test results
  • Easy-Extend Headrest System
  • Easiest LATCH install the infant car seat
  • Reasonable price
  • Canopy and handle rub
  • Heavier

2. CYBEX Aton 2 with SensorSafe, Convertible Car Seat( Runner Up Car seat)

The Cybex Aton 2 is a quality crash test option that’s available at a very affordable price point. It’s worth a look for those starting out with their own gym equipment.

The best car seat for kids has a sleek, modern design and a high level of crash test analysis. It includes features like a load leg and a side impact crumple zone to provide additional safety. It also has an easy-to-install LATCH system so that it can be used with most vehicle seats.

Although the Aton 2’s LATCH installation system is super easy to install, some of its daily functions are a little more involved. The product isn’t as popular in Australia as it is elsewhere, so it’s a little trickier to buy. But once you get your hands on it, you’ll be glad you did. It’s an excellent product that everyone needs in their closet.

The Aton 2 is compatible with several strollers, but we suggest choosing a stroller with a click-in adapter to avoid secondary straps. Aton 2 is a very reliable and well-designed car seat. It’s safe, has an easy installation and it also comes at an affordable price.

  • Built into the chest clip
  • Best crash test results
  • Height-adjustable load leg stabilizes the car seat
  • Easy LATCH install
  • Comfy & high quality
  • SensorSafe provides app alerts if a child unbuckles themselves
  • Harder to use
  • Higher price

3. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 – Rear Facing Infant Car Seat

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 is the top pick for the 2018 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant school choice because of its impressive scores for crash test results, installation, and comfort/quality that helps earn it

This Car seat has a higher crash test result analysis than most and is one of the easiest contenders to install. Car seat installation errors can be potentially dangerous, especially for little ones. Safety first, install a car seat correctly to avoid potential injuries. This is an easy-to-carry Peg that works well. It’s lightweight and compact and has a few features you’ll find useful.

Unfortunately, this car seat is not compatible with strollers outside the Peg Perego brand. This would prevent you from purchasing strollers that would make the best car seat fit. We love the Peg Perego and the car seat is amazing for traveling with little ones!

The Primo is a little pricier than some other devices, so it may not be the best choice for everyone. But if your budget allows, it’s definitely worth checking out. The Primo Viaggio stroller has the quality and comfort you expect for the price, and we believe it will please any parent unconcerned about stroller compatibility.

  • Full Coverage Protection
  • Better crash test results
  • Premium Base and Right Tight System
  • Dual Stage Cushion System
  • Easy install without base
  • Comfortable
  • Limited strollers may be fit
  • Harder to LATCH installtion

4. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Keyfit 30 has a good overall score and a budget-friendly price compared to other higher-ranking competitors in this review. Keyfit has some qualities that make it an exceptional value to us. This contender is easy to install and has some of the best crash test results in our lineup. The Keyfit has an easy-to-use LATCH system and unique features that make installation as straightforward as possible.

Some crash-related injuries result from errors in use or installation and parents love that this can translate into a potentially safer riding experience. If you combine this with an attractive design and large compatibility with many high-ranking strollers, you get a car seat we absolutely love. It isn’t difficult to install the Keyfit 30 without the base compared to other competitors.

If you plan to carry your baby in the carriers, the portion of the seat that weighs over 10 lbs is somewhat heavy. This seat isn’t ideal for anyone who uses public transportation frequently and doesn’t want to carry a stroller. If you use a stroller, wear your baby, and own a car with the base still installed, we believe the Keyfit 30’s better ease of use and crash test performance will overcome these issues. The Keyfit 30 is hard to beat for budget-savvy families and people who love a great deal on a great product.

  • Top-Rated Infant Car Seat in America
  • 5-point harness with one-pull tightening
  • Easy to installation
  • The removable canopy provides shade from the sun
  • Better crash test results
  • Reasonable price
  • Heavier
  • Rougher fabric

5. Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc Infant Car Seat

The Baby Trend Flex-Loc is one of the least expensive options out there. There is more to love about this safety seat than just the low price. The Flex-Loc is a straightforward infant seat that is easy to install in two different ways. Since it is lightweight, it is a potential option for those who commute or travel frequently.

The Baby Trend performed about average in most of our tests, with some features being more difficult to operate than competitors. thinner comfort padding and rougher fabric are things we prefer. While not the top-ranking choice in our lineup, this Baby Trend is an economical infant seat that makes an excellent secondary seat, grandma’s go-to, or for people on a tight budget who want to reduce cost without sacrificing safety

  • 5-point safety harness
  • Inexpensive
  • One hand easy to install
  • Lightweight carrier
  • Smooth carrying handle
  • Soft head support
  • Lower max passenger weight
  • Quality is not very good

6. Doona Infant Car Seat & Latch Base – Car Seat

The Doona is an innovative one-and-done option that doubles as a stroller. The Doona is a great choice for urban living because of its useful design. This seat installs quickly and is ready to stroll to your destination, making it a real game-changer in a world without competitors. This safety seat/stroller is easy to use, easy to install, and gives you a safer option for transporting your baby than going without a seat, which is legal on public transportation.

Suburban parents can be turned off by this seat’s higher price and heavyweight. It’s hard to beat a city family who won’t use a car seat on public transportation or doesn’t want to carry a stroller. Doona’s crash test analysis may make it less desirable for people who don’t need this kind of solution. This seat/stroller is an excellent choice for easy transportation from your apartment to a cab to the sidewalk. The Doona fills a specific need that other safety seats can’t. If you live in a world where you may be tempted to forgo a car seat, the Doona is a better option than skipping a safety seat.

  • Car Seat & Stroller
  • Fills a public transportation niche
  • US standards for Car-Seats, Strollers, and Hand-Held Carriers
  • World’s first infant car seat and stroller in one
  • Easy to use
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Lower-than-average crash tests

7. Britax Grow Car Seat

The ClickTight Plus comes with an extra long, adjustable tether strap that allows you to keep your little one securely strapped in while you’re driving. This is so convenient! You can also install the ClickTight Plus as a belt-positioning booster seat. It makes it easy to transition from forward-facing harness mode to belt-positioning booster mode as your child grows from toddler to big kid.

  • ClickTight- Install confidently, every time
  • Install with Confidence in three simple steps
  • Harness-2-booster car seat
  • 3 layers of side impact protection surround the head, neck & torso
  • Degree of recline that the seat has is not enough to be able to position
  • It is a little harder

8. Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat 

The Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat is a forward-facing car seat that converts from a rear-facing car seat to a forward-facing toddler car seat, and finally, a forward-facing car seat for children up to 65 pounds. The convertible car seat is designed to provide the safest and most comfortable ride for your baby or toddler. The Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat is the ideal car seat for babies who are still developing and growing.

It is suitable for newborns, and it can accommodate children between 12 and 65 pounds. The Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat is also designed to be used in cars with low roof heights and small passenger compartments. This car seat is made of polypropylene and polyester. It is available in five colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, and White.

  • 9-position Recline SureTM leveling system
  • 5-point harness to accommodate infant
  • Secure install with remarkably simple leveling and tightening
  • The convertible car seat easily transitions from vehicle to vehicle
  • Head and torso protection
  • It’s quite bulky in a small car


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