Traveling with a baby or toddler can be an enriching and memorable experience for families. Exploring new places, exposing your little one to different cultures, and creating lasting memories are all part of the adventure.

In this guide, we’ll delve into some fantastic destinations across the US that are perfect for traveling with babies and toddlers.

From vibrant cities to serene natural wonders, these destinations cater to families with young children, ensuring a delightful and stress-free vacation. So, pack your bags, grab your baby travel carrier and stroller, and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Best Places to Travel right now in the USA with a Baby or Toddler

The best places to travel in the U.S. include New York, California, Florida, and the Caribbean. These are the best places to travel because they are known for their beaches, sun, and culture. If you want to go to one of these places, you should consider taking your baby or toddler. You will have a great time.

Traveling Tips with a Baby

If you have a baby or toddler, it’s important to take him or her along when you travel. This is because you may not have a lot of time to enjoy the trip. You’ll have to do some research before you go. For instance, you’ll want to know what the weather will be like, where you are going, what the best things to do are, where you can find good restaurants, etc. Also, you’ll want to make sure that your baby or toddler is well taken care of.

You should also make sure that you have all the necessary items for the trip. For example, you’ll need a stroller, a car seat, a diaper bag, etc. You should also make sure that you have a good amount of money to spend.

Places Where to Travel in the US with Toddlers and Babies

Where to Travel with a Baby: Top Destinations in the US for Memorable Family Adventures

Places to Travel in the US with Babies and Toddlers:

  1. San Diego: With its beautiful beaches, family-friendly attractions like the San Diego Zoo and SeaWorld, and pleasant year-round weather, San Diego offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for families.
  2. Sedona: Known for its stunning red rock formations, Sedona provides a picturesque backdrop for family hikes and outdoor explorations. The peaceful atmosphere is ideal for a serene family getaway.
  3. Palm Springs: A desert oasis with a variety of resorts, Palm Springs is a great destination for relaxation. Enjoy the pools, visit the Living Desert Zoo, or take a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.
  4. Phoenix: Boasting a range of child-friendly activities, such as the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Phoenix Zoo, this city offers endless entertainment for young travelers.
  5. Chicago: The Windy City is home to attractions like Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. These spots offer engaging experiences for both parents and little ones.
  6. Savannah: Rich in history and charm, Savannah’s cobblestone streets and historic squares make for leisurely strolls with your toddlers.
  7. Charleston: This southern gem offers a blend of history, culture, and stunning architecture. Take a leisurely walk along Rainbow Row or explore family-oriented museums.
  8. New York City: While it may seem daunting, NYC is surprisingly family-friendly. Central Park, Times Square, and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan are just a few options for family fun.
  9. North Conway: Nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this area offers scenic beauty and outdoor activities suitable for families, including the Conway Scenic Railroad.
  10. San Francisco: Explore iconic sites like Golden Gate Park and Alcatraz Island while enjoying the mild climate and diverse culture of this vibrant city.
  11. Huntington Beach: Known for its laid-back atmosphere and beautiful coastline, Huntington Beach is perfect for building sandcastles and enjoying water activities with your little ones.
  12. Magic Kingdom: The ultimate destination for Disney lovers, Magic Kingdom in Orlando offers enchanting experiences for toddlers and parents alike.
  13. Disneyland: Located in Anaheim, Disneyland is another magical spot where your baby can meet beloved characters and enjoy gentle rides.
  14. Legoland: Located in Carlsbad, California, Legoland offers a world of colorful bricks, interactive attractions, and even a water park suitable for toddlers.
  15. Wilmington: This charming coastal city boasts a historic district, a scenic riverwalk, and child-friendly museums, making it an enjoyable destination for families.
  16. Asheville: Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville offers a blend of outdoor adventures, artsy vibes, and family-friendly attractions.
  17. Sanibel Island: Known for its shell-strewn beaches, Sanibel Island offers a relaxed atmosphere and a chance for your toddler to explore the shoreline.
  18. US National Parks: Many national parks offer kid-friendly trails and activities, allowing families to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.
  19. Toddler Hikes in Arches National Park: Explore the unique rock formations and arches while embarking on hikes suitable for little legs.
  20. Zion National Park: The shuttle system and easy trails make Zion accessible for families, offering breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures.
  21. Joshua Tree National Park: Engage your toddler’s sense of wonder with the park’s fascinating desert landscape and distinct flora.
  22. White Sands National Park: Let your little one experience the wonders of a pristine white sand desert in this unique park.
  23. Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Enjoy the lush forests, wildlife, and scenic drives that this national park has to offer.
  24. Acadia National Park: Explore the rugged coastline and enjoy family-friendly hikes against the backdrop of Maine’s stunning landscapes.
  25. Shenandoah National Park: With its Skyline Drive and family-oriented trails, this park provides a wonderful introduction to the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains.
  26. Rocky Mountain National Park: Introduce your baby to the grandeur of the Rockies with breathtaking vistas and easy trails.

Sedona with a baby

Where to Travel with a Baby?

It was the first true hiking vacation we had taken with our little ones when we traveled to Sedona with a baby and toddler. Sedona is one of the best places to travel in the US with toddlers if you love hiking. The scenery is incredible and it was easy to find short hikes with toddlers.

Carrying our daughter in a backpack carrier for hiking with toddlers was one of the things we loved doing. We found it easy to find a family-friendly place to stay in Sedona because of the amazing hiking. It is the perfect place for an extended family vacation with Phoenix nearby.

Palm Springs with a Baby or Toddler

Palm Springs has easy access to Disneyland, Legoland, and Joshua Tree National Park, as well as being a great place to escape in the cooler months. It is expected to be a fun and easy family vacation.

There are lots of good hikes in Palm Springs for kids, tons of good restaurants to choose from, and resorts and hotels that will please any budget. You can go to Joshua Tree National Park for a day and then go swimming the next day in the hotel pool. You can take a day or two to visit Legoland and Disneyland and then come back to Palm Springs. You will enjoy every moment of your time in Palm Springs. On our Family Can Travel site, we recommend reading this post on Palm Springs with Kids for children who are slightly older.

Phoenix with a Baby or Toddler

Traveling to Phoenix with a baby or toddler is a great way to escape the winter months. If you team it up with nearby Sedona, there is plenty to do for families. Phoenix has a lot of baby and toddler friendly activities to offer. Booking a family friendly hotel with a pool is a must. It is a good way to cool off during the hottest part of the day.

You can travel to Phoenix with a baby or toddler. If you team it up with nearby Sedona, there is a lot to do. There are a lot of child-friendly activities in Phoenix. Make sure to book a hotel with a pool. It is a great way to cool off in the heat.

Chicago with a Baby and Toddler

Menu Monthly Archives: February 2012 We got a new kitchen window for our apartment. It’s the one that was cracked when we moved in. We ordered it from Home Depot, but they were out of stock for a few days. The store had some in a back room, but we didn’t want to wait in line so we decided to order it online. When we went to install it, the installer said he would have to take it apart.

Savannah with Toddlers

It was part of our road trip with toddlers that we visited the charming cities of Charleston and Savannah. The Wormsloe Historic site is one of the must-see places in Chatham County. It’s a good idea to visit some of the Wormsloe hiking paths with a little extra time. The kids can explore a replica house from the plantation era at the Colonial Life Area, which is one of the fun hikes with toddlers in this area.

You might be ready to leave the city after a day walking through the streets, stopping at Ellis Square to see the toddlers play in the fountain, and grabbing some sweets along River Street. There are some shorter trails at Skidaway State Park that are perfect for hiking with a baby or toddler. If you are lucky, you will see some dolphins in the river.

Charleston with Toddlers

You can enjoy strolling the Historic Town Center with a baby or toddler. Leave time for the City Market and delicious Southern food. toddlers can burn off some energy by walking down the park. The South Carolina Aquarium, Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, and Magnolia Plantation are great places to visit with a toddler. South of town you can go to the coastal islands for a kayak. Who will be the first to see dolphins?

New York City with a Baby or Toddler

It is not the first place that comes to mind when thinking about the best places to travel with a baby in the US, but Manhattan is incredibly baby friendly. Traveling to New York City with a baby or toddler can be an amazing family vacation. You don’t have to worry about traveling with car seats with the baby carrier and lightweight travel stroller. If you need to give your baby or toddler some time to play, there are lots of parks that you can stop at. It can be difficult to get your baby or toddler to sleep on the go with so much going on, so just be aware.

North Conway with a Toddler

There are many things to do in North Conway with a toddler, and our contributor shares all of the best things to do with toddlers. Between short hikes, playing at Story Land, and a visit to North Conway, it will be easy to keep your toddler entertained. If your family is more active, you shouldn’t miss these hikes in the White Mountains with a baby or toddler.

San Francisco With a Baby

One of the best places to visit with a baby in the US is San Francisco. It’s so great, what makes it so great? There is so much to see and do in the same area as NYC. If you are traveling with a baby, you can get a lot of places by walking or riding the cable car. You will need to be on the cable car for outings if you don’t have a baby carrier. NJS Kaye gave a lot of good advice for San Francisco with a baby.

Huntington Beach with a Toddler

Huntington Beach is one of the best places in California for toddlers. With family-friendly beach resorts, playgrounds, and fun day trips, our contributor Trisha Simone shares all the best things to do with toddlers in Huntington Beach.

By Trisha Simone Huntington Beach This is one of my favorite places to visit with my family. There are so many great restaurants, shopping, attractions, museums, and activities. The best thing about Huntington Beach is the beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect place for families to spend a day. If you’re traveling with a toddler, it’s a great place to spend a day or two. Huntington Beach has two main beaches: the ocean side, where the waves are calmer and there is a surf shop for your toddler’s board; and the bayside, which is quieter but has an ice cream shop, a beach bar, and more for kids. Honeymooner tip: The city is known for its beach clubs that rent out umbrellas, chairs, and towels. You can bring your own or buy one at the shops nearby. Cala Blanca Cala Blanca is about three miles south of the San Luis Obispo International Airport (SLO).

Magic Kingdom with Toddlers

If you have a daughter who loves Disney Princesses, you will most likely plan a trip to Disney World as we did. She was in awe of all the Disney Princesses and a trip to Disney World is just the ticket so we wanted to capture that moment. Disney World is a lot of fun for the whole family. Disney World is a fun place to go with a toddler. It is important for parents with a baby or toddler to know a few things before going to Disney. It is a good idea to take a day off from Disney to rest. The airboat ride was just an hour away from our house.

Disneyland with a Baby

Disneyland with a baby is worth it? It isn’t worth it to visit Disney with a baby. There is plenty of fun to be had at Disneyland if you have a toddler and a baby with you. Before you go, make sure to read the best Disneyland tips for visiting with a baby.

Legoland with Toddlers

One of the best places to visit with toddlers in the United States is Legoland. There are a lot of small rides and places to play at Legoland, making it easy to spend the entire day with a toddler. The small version of the Disney parks makes it great for toddlers, even if your toddler isn’t quite into Lego yet. There will be enough to keep your toddler happy even if your toddler is not able to ride all the rides. The smaller crowds will make it easier for parents to enjoy their time in line.

Wilmington with Toddlers

To be perfectly honest, we knew very little about Wilmington before deciding to use it as a stopover to break up a long drive. After a full day in Wilmington with toddlers, we really wished we had planned more time there.

We were pleasantly surprised by the outdoor fun we had in Wilmington. We looked for Venus Flytraps in the Carolina Beach State Park, played on the beach in the Fort Fischer Recreational Area, and did an Eco Tour on Masonboro Island. Never mind the ease of finding delicious food in Wilmington.

While our visit was too short, we definitely would consider this one of the best vacation spots for toddlers in the USA and wouldn’t hesitate to return!

Asheville with a Baby or Toddler

If you’re looking for a place to visit with lots of fun breweries, great restaurants, and a lot of places to get out and enjoy nature, Asheville should be on your list of places to visit. You can find the best recommendations from a local, and you will have a great time in this charming city.

Sanibel Island with a Toddler

Sanibel Island in Florida is a great place to travel with a toddler. You’ll find families with kids of all ages there and you are going to spark up conversations with other travelers, learning what the highlights of their trip were. There are a lot of bike paths on the island, so you can easily get around. You can explore a bit more on the island if you have a rental car. The Sundial Resort is a top Sanibel Island family resort where you can spend a lot of time in the pool and have easy access to the beach. There are many fun activities on Sanibel Island with a toddler, including collecting seashells on the beach.

US National Parks with a Baby or Toddler

The US has some of the most incredible national parks and some are so easy to visit with a baby or toddler. If you love hiking, you should check out the best hikes with babies and toddlers in the USA. There are some US National Parks that can be visited with toddlers or babies.

Toddler Hikes in Arches National Park

We took a road trip to Utah and visited all of the national parks. There was something different to offer by each one. If you are traveling to Utah with a baby or toddler, we would recommend Zion National Park or Arches National Park. There are many good spots to stop while driving through Arches National park, but the views alone are amazing. There were a lot of toddler-friendly hikes in Arches National Park. A short hike to Landscape Arch or Sand Dune Arch is the perfect way to get your toddler hiking while giving them time to stop and play in the sand. There is a fun stop for Double Arch and Windows Arch too. There are tips on a Utah road trip with a toddler in this post.

Zion National Park with Kids

If you are just starting hiking with a toddler or traveling with a baby, Zion National Park is a great national park to visit. While there are plenty of opportunities to explore nature and try more difficult hikes, your toddler will also enjoy some of the flat paved trails. It is easy to use a stroller in Zion National Park thanks to these trails. If you’re looking for a stroller-friendly trail in Zion National Park, try the Pa’rus trail. There are some amazing views of the Pa’rus trail on a paved trail. The canyon where the popular Narrows hike starts is mostly flat and the riverside walk takes you into it. Hikes like the Watchman trail are more difficult for hikers with a baby Carrier.

Joshua Tree National Park with Toddlers

If there was a national park made for kids, it would be Joshua Tree National Park. If you have a toddler that loves to run and climb, then this is one of the best places to travel in the US with toddlers. There are lots of opportunities to climb on the rocks at Joshua Tree NP. Continue on the trail towards the campground if you want to see Skull Rock with your toddler. Staying in one of the campgrounds that are surrounded by fun rocks to climb will be even better. Before you hit the trails, get all the recommendations for toddler hiking gear from us. If you are hiking in Joshua Tree National Park with a baby or a toddler in a backpack carrier, you don’t have to miss out on the more difficult hikes up to the summit of Ryan Mountain.

White Sands National Park with a Baby or Toddler

White Sands National Park in New Mexico used to be known as White Sands National Monument. While visiting a family in New Mexico, we went to White Sands National Park with a baby and had the best day. The expansive white dunes are unlike anything you have seen before. Don’t forget to stop at a farm afterward. They offer some of the best flavors of pistachios. Make sure you are prepared when you visit! It is enjoyable to slide down the sand dunes. You want to make sure you are prepared for the heat and the sun. It’s a good idea to bring a lot of water as well. White Sands National Park was the highlight of our visit to New Mexico, but we also made stops in Roswell, Ruidoso, and Santa Fe. There are plenty of places in New Mexico to take a baby or toddler on a road trip.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park with Toddlers

The most visited national park in the United States is the Great Smoky Mountains, National Park. There are a lot of activities for the whole family in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. We had to include it as one of the best places to travel with a baby or toddler in the US because there is so much to do. With baby and toddler-friendly hikes, a chair lift rides up to Anakeesta, and an afternoon at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, you’ll run out of time before you run out of things to do.

Acadia National Park with a Baby

If you want to get back into camping with a baby, Acadia National Park is the place for you. There are several small towns connected to the park which makes it easy to relax after a day of hiking with a baby. Christina from Niko Explores shares everything you need to know about visiting the park with a baby.

The Ultimate Guide To Hiking Acadia National Park Acadia National Park has a lot to offer and is perfect for families looking for a relaxing vacation or a great family adventure. The Park Acadia National Park is located in Maine and is made up of four separate sections: Acadia Mountain, the Northeast Coast, Mount Desert Island, and the Schoodic Peninsula. The park is home to a variety of flora and fauna, including the largest population of black bears in the continental U.S.

Shenandoah National Park with Toddlers

It’s a great place to get out and enjoy nature while hiking with kids. There are lots of easy and fun hikes in the area. Don’t forget to look out for wildlife as well.

Bucktails and Biscuits Bucktails and biscuits are two words you’ll see on most menus around the Shenandoah Valley. If you’re looking for a great place to eat, look no further than Bucktails and Biscuits. Hippo’s Restaurant Hippo’s is a great place to dine and watch sports. Located in Staunton, this restaurant has great food and plenty of TVs to watch your favorite games. The New American The New American Restaurant in Lexington is a great place for a romantic dinner.

Rocky Mountain National Park with a Baby

There are lots of hikes to choose from. You’ll find something there whether you’re up for a day hike or a few easy hikes. You can hang out in Estes Park during the afternoons. If you book your accommodations with a balcony, you’ll be able to see wildlife after your baby sleeps.

The park is open year-round. It’s an easy drive from Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Skiing at Winter Park with a Baby Winter Park is located just 10 minutes from Colorado Springs. It has a wide range of terrain for every skill level. The best part is that there’s plenty of room to spread out and have some time to yourself. You’ll love the trails and can take your baby along for the ride. Mount Evans with a Baby There are lots of options when it comes to hiking.

San Diego with a Baby and a Toddler

A family vacation to San Diego with a baby or toddler is a great idea. San Diego has a lot of kid-friendly places to eat and stay, it is easy to get around. Family vacations in San Diego have a good balance for everyone. Babies and toddlers need stimulation to remain happy. There are a lot of things to do in San Diego which are great for kids and parents. Our toddler was 2.5 years old and our baby was 9 months old when we were in San Diego. There were so many things to do with a baby in San Diego that the adults enjoyed.

Here are the many reasons we recommend you visit San Diego with a toddler and/or baby:

Top 7 Things to Do in San Diego with a Baby and Toddler

  1. San Diego Zoo
  2. La Jolla Cove & Children’s Pool
  3. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
  4. San Diego Beaches
  5. San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  6. Birch Aquarium
  7. Legoland

6-Day Itinerary for San Diego with a Toddler and Baby



San Diego Weather is Perfect for Family Vacations

San Diego, known for its stunning coastline, vibrant culture, and year-round sunshine, is a perfect destination for families looking for a memorable vacation. One of the key factors that make San Diego an excellent choice for family getaways is its delightful weather, which remains pleasant throughout the year. Whether you’re planning to visit the iconic San Diego Zoo, explore the interactive exhibits at the New Children’s Museum, or simply relax on one of the many beautiful beaches, the city’s perfect weather adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your family vacation.

San Diego enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild, sunny weather and low humidity. Summers are warm but not overly hot, with temperatures typically ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit (24-30°C). Winters are mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 50°F (10°C). The city experiences very little rainfall, especially during the summer months, making it an ideal destination for families looking to escape inclement weather.

The best times to visit San Diego for optimal weather are during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) months when temperatures are mild, and the crowds are thinner. However, even during the summer months, when tourism peaks, the weather remains pleasant, especially along the coast where cool sea breezes provide relief from the heat.

San Diego’s perfect weather is conducive to a wide range of outdoor activities that are perfect for families. From exploring the numerous parks and gardens to hiking in the nearby mountains, there’s no shortage of things to do outdoors. The city’s beaches are particularly popular, offering opportunities for swimming, surfing, and building sandcastles. Popular family-friendly beaches include La Jolla Shores, Mission Beach, and Coronado Beach, all of which offer calm waters and pristine sand.

In addition to its outdoor attractions, San Diego boasts a variety of family-friendly indoor activities, including museums, aquariums, and amusement parks. The world-renowned San Diego Zoo, located in Balboa Park, is a must-visit for families, offering a chance to see a wide variety of animals in beautifully landscaped habitats. Other popular attractions include the USS Midway Museum, LEGOLAND California, and the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

When visiting San Diego with your family, it’s important to pack appropriately for the weather. Lightweight, breathable clothing is ideal, along with hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect against the sun. It’s also a good idea to bring along a light jacket or sweater, especially for cooler evenings near the coast.

Getting Around San Diego with a Toddler and Baby

San Diego is renowned for its family-friendly attractions and beautiful weather, making it an ideal destination for a vacation with toddlers and babies. Navigating this vibrant city with little ones, however, requires careful planning, particularly when it comes to transportation. By understanding the transportation options available and following some key tips, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for the whole family.

Transportation Options in San Diego:

San Diego offers several transportation options suitable for families with young children. Public transportation, including buses and trolleys, provides a convenient and affordable way to get around the city. Many buses and trolleys are equipped with ramps or lifts for strollers, making them accessible for families.

Rental cars are another popular option, offering flexibility and convenience, especially when traveling with toddlers and babies. Many car rental companies provide car seats for an additional fee, which can be convenient for families who prefer to travel in their vehicles.

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are widely available in San Diego, offering an alternative to public transportation and rental cars. These services can be a convenient option for families, especially when traveling short distances or visiting attractions not easily accessible by public transport.

Tips for Getting Around San Diego with a Toddler and Baby:

When traveling with toddlers and babies in San Diego, it’s essential to pack wisely. Essentials such as diapers, wipes, snacks, and toys can help keep your little ones comfortable and entertained during your journey.

Choosing child-friendly transportation options is crucial. Look for services that provide car seats or allow you to bring your own. Ensure that strollers are collapsible and lightweight, making them easier to maneuver on public transportation and in crowded areas.

Navigating attractions with strollers can be challenging, especially in crowded areas or places with limited space. Consider using a baby carrier for easier mobility, particularly in places where strollers may not be practical.

Safety should always be a top priority when traveling with young children. Ensure that car seats are properly installed and that your child is securely strapped in. Use crosswalks and pedestrian signals when walking with toddlers and babies and always supervise them closely.

Family-Friendly Attractions in San Diego:

San Diego offers a plethora of family-friendly attractions that are sure to delight both children and adults alike. The San Diego Zoo is a must-visit, with its diverse collection of animals and engaging exhibits. Balboa Park, home to several museums, gardens, and playgrounds, is another popular destination for families.

The city’s beaches, including Mission Beach and La Jolla Shores, offer plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun, with calm waters and sandy shores perfect for young children. SeaWorld San Diego and Legoland California are also popular attractions, offering a mix of entertainment and educational experiences for the whole family.

Dining and Accommodation Considerations:

When dining out in San Diego with toddlers and babies, look for family-friendly restaurants that offer children’s menus and high chairs. Many restaurants are also happy to accommodate special dietary needs or prepare meals for young children.

When choosing accommodation, consider options that cater to families, such as hotels with family suites or amenities like cribs and baby baths. Look for accommodation located near public transportation or attractions to minimize travel time with young children.

Where to Stay in San Diego with a Toddler and Baby

  • San Diego Hotel vs Vacation Rental
  • Eating with Kids in San Diego

San Diego with a Baby and a Toddler

6 Toddler & Baby-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego


A Kid-Friendly San Diego Attraction Pass

1. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is a great place to visit with a baby or toddler. It’s a fun place for kids to explore, and you can bring them to see all kinds of animals, including elephants, tigers, and giraffes.

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world and it is fun. pandas, orangutans, polar bears, koalas, and many more are some of the big-ticket animals that can be seen here. The San Diego Zoo is a great place to visit as it caters to everyone in the family. Babies love zoos and will look at the animals for a long time. Make sure you keep up with your toddler as they run excitedly from animal to animal, it is a great place to let your toddler get some exercise.

There is a lot of information in our post about visiting the San Diego Zoo with a baby. If you want to avoid the line at the San Diego Zoo, you should buy your tickets in advance.

2 . La Jolla Cove & Children’s Pool

Where to Travel with a Baby?

In San Diego, there is a beautiful seaside neighborhood called La Jolla. There are parks for the kids to crawl and run around in oceanfront walks, and family-friendly restaurants. To see the playful seals who love to lounge around on an old seawall (known as the Children’s Pool), you should visit La Jolla.

Where to Travel with a Baby?

3. Torrey Pines State Natural ReserveWhere to Travel with a Baby?

We took a short road trip out to this beautiful ocean-front natural reserve for a few kid-friendly hikes because we love hiking with our kids. There are other family-friendly walks in San Diego that you can find more information on.Where to Travel with a Baby?

4. San Diego BeachesWhere to Travel with a Baby?

Babies and toddlers love the beach more than any other place on the planet. We spent most of our time at the beach near our CarRentals CarRentals. Some of the best beaches for kids in San Diego are Coronado Beach, Torrey Pines, Moonlight Beach, Silver Strand, and La Jolla.Where to Travel with a Baby?

5. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Where to Travel with a Baby?

The San Diego Zoo has a park where people can go on African safaris. Another great toddler and baby activity is in San Diego. It is a short drive from San Diego, but it is worth it. You can get back some of that lost time by buying your tickets in advance.

Where to Travel with a Baby?

6. Birch Aquarium

Where to Travel with a Baby?

Do you want to entertain a baby for a long period of time? Babies love to fish and should be allowed to watch it seriously. The Birch Aquarium in La Jolla has a lot of fun things for adults and toddlers. There were interactive exhibits and tide pools that we enjoyed.

7. Legoland

Located less than an hour away from San Diego, Legoland is a magical place for small kids. It has tons of rides and activities with no height restrictions, ensuring your toddler will have the time of their life. Legoland California also offers a Parent Swap program. One parent waits with the baby, then switches places when the first ride is over.

6-Day Itinerary for San Diego with a Toddler and Baby

To create a fun, balanced, and manageable itinerary for your San Diego family holiday, we recommend two things: create a list of the baby-friendly San Diego things to do that interest you. As travel plans with a baby or toddler invariably change, having a list of options prepared helps. It is advisable to build a San Diego itinerary that respects your baby or toddler’s sleep schedule. Some days napping on the go may work, but it isn’t sustainable. A 6-day itinerary for San Diego with a baby and toddler is inspired by our own San Diego family vacation.


The trendy San Diego neighborhood of La Jolla is visited by the La Jolla Cove and the Children’s Pool Seals. You can take a walk on the oceanfront to see the seals and sea lions. The seals enjoy relaxing on a partial sea wall not far into the ocean, which makes it a good place to see seals at the La Jolla Children’s Pool.

At the end of your morning walk along the Pacific Ocean, stop and let the kids play at the Ellen Browning Scripps Park, and then have lunch at one of the many kid-friendly restaurants in La Jolla.

Afternoon: Mission Beach Boardwalk

Mission Beach is a great place to continue enjoying your first day near the ocean. Babies and toddlers love playing in the sand, so make sure you have a few simple beach toys.

The San Diego Zoo has spread over 100 acres and houses over 3,700 animals. It will take most of the day to visit because it is so big. You can save time and money by buying tickets in advance. Saving 20% with a San Diego attraction pass is a good idea.

Afternoon: Mission Beach Bay

The kids can play in the tranquil bay-side water before dinner if they head back to Mission Beach after a long day at the zoo.


The Torrey Pines Natural Reserve is a great place to hike with your family. The Guy Fleming trail can be combined with the Razor Point trail to make a 3-mile toddler-friendly hike.

There are many kid-friendly hikes in the natural reserve. You can combine the Razor Point and Guy Fleming trails to make a 3-mile toddler-friendly hike.


You and your family can enjoy many scenic kid-friendly hikes in the Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. The Razor Point trail and the Guy Fleming trail can be combined to create a 3-mile toddler-friendly hike with spectacular ocean views.

The Torrey Pines Natural Reserve is home to many scenic kid-friendly hikes your family will enjoy. Combine the Razor Point trail and the Guy Fleming trail to create a 3-mile toddler-friendly hike with some spectacular ocean views. The Torrey Pines Natural Reserve is home to many scenic kid-friendly hikes your family will enjoy. Combine the Razor Point trail and the Guy Fleming trail to create a 3-mile toddler-friendly hike with some spectacular ocean views.


You can take your baby or toddler to the San Diego Safari Park if they like animals. It’s really big and you should spend a full day here. Do yourself a favor and buy your tickets in advance. You can save 20% on the San Diego attraction pass.


If you love the sea, head to San Diego Harbor for a day of boat rides and activities. You can see the USS Midway Museum, take a harbor cruise, or even hop on the ferry to Coronado Island for some shopping.


If you want to spend a day at the beach, head to Mission Beach where you can rent a bike or kayak, play volleyball, or go surfing.


There is a fun little toddler-friendly San Diego attraction called the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge that won’t take more than 20 minutes to visit. It is a natural match given the proximity to Balboa Park.

There are so many things to do with a baby or toddler in Balboa Park, the home of the San Diego Zoo. There are 15 museums to visit and a lot of walks to explore.

After your family walks through Balboa Park, we recommend parking near the 6th Avenue playground so your kids can have some time to play. The Spanish Village Art Center is a great place for toddlers to play as they love the colorful tiles.


La Jolla aquarium is a nice place. This place is great! I had no idea what to expect, but the place was awesome and beautiful. I saw all kinds of fish and some sea dragons. I’ve been going to the La Jolla aquarium since I was in high school. My parents used to take me there all the time. The place is very big and has a lot of animals. It also has a lot of water features. There is a large glass slide that you can go down, and there is a lot of glass where you can look in and see all the animals.

San Diego Weather is Perfect for Family Vacations

It’s the perfect time of year to visit San Diego. Warm temperatures, blue skies, and warm ocean waters create a relaxing atmosphere in San Diego that’s great for families. In fact, it’s probably the best time to visit the city of San Diego because it’s so family-friendly. You’ll find plenty of activities that are fun for children and easy on your wallet. In addition, you’ll find hotels that are great for families. San Diego is home to more than 60 miles of coastline that includes beautiful beaches, rugged cliffs, and picturesque islands.

San Diego weather is great for family vacations. Enjoy average highs between 48-64F (9-18C) in the winter and 66-75F (19-22C) in the summer. For our San Diego family vacation in May, we had some warm afternoons and cooler days.

The Ultimate Guide To Everything You Need To Know To Travel With Your Toddler And Baby

You will need to rent a car in San Diego if you are visiting with the kids. We didn’t have to worry about our car seats getting damaged on the plane since we rented car seats. Before you board an airplane, be sure to think about these things. It was easy to get around San DIEGO. It’s a good idea to have a good central place to stay.

San Diego is a city that is well known for its wonderful weather. If you are planning a trip to San Diego, make sure that you are prepared for some great weather. San Diego is known for its pleasant climate, and if you visit during the summer months, it will be even more pleasant. Make sure that you pack the right clothes, and make sure that you bring lots of sunscreens. If you are traveling with your kids, San Diego is a great place to visit. The city has tons of fun attractions for the whole family.

Where to Stay in San Diego with a Toddler and Baby

You need a quiet location that has enough room for the kids to have their own space. You also want a spot where the kids can play while you’re working.

We don’t want to worry about our baby being disturbed by other people in the middle of the night. On the flip side, we don’t want to have a baby who wakes us up in the middle of the night.

You determined the best place to stay in San Diego was Mission Beach. It was centrally located to the things you wanted to do on your San Diego itinerary.

It was a great place for a family vacation.

San Diego Hotel vs Vacation Rental

When traveling with a baby and a toddler, you can’t beat the convenience of a vacation rental.

Having a separate bedroom for your baby is a great way to enjoy a vacation without having to worry about the baby.

You enjoy cooking your own meals and packing your own lunches. And having laundry facilities is a big advantage when traveling with messy babies and toddlers. You can pack fewer clothes and not have to worry about dirty clothes.

All of our criteria were met by the cute little house steps away from Mission Bay. It had an outdoor patio to hang out on, and it was spacious inside. Our baby and toddler loved playing on the beach, which we were close enough to play on after nap time.

Eating with Kids in San Diego

If you have a baby or toddler, it’s best to self-cater breakfast and lunch.

It’s a good idea to pack a lunch for your children when you go out for a day at work. And if you don’t have time to cook a simple dinner, you can always order take-out.

Eating out is fun, but not when you have kids.

6 Toddler & Baby-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

There are several kid-friendly restaurants in San Diego, except one, which is in Mission Beach.


The Mission Restaurant in San Diego was named one of the 25 best breakfast spots in the country by USA Today. It is easy to find kid-friendly food on the breakfast menu. They were happy to provide smaller versions of the menu items. The Rancheros Verde and the Mission Chilaquiles were very popular for our meals.


We ordered take-out lunch from Rosaria Pizza twice but never had a chance to try their pizza. The same idea as a beef dip, but with Vietnamese grilled pork, was what Celine loved the most about the Nam Dip. The Meatball Sub was good for the first day, but I switched to the Nam Sub for the second day. Pizza is a winner when it comes to picky eaters.

I’m not sure if this was mentioned before, but the pizza is cooked in the oven and then transferred to a sheet pan. It’s the same as a real pizza that you would order in a restaurant. As for the place itself, it’s a pretty big space, with lots of tables. I can see how the ambiance would appeal to a large group. The staff was very cooperative.

She also had a banana split. We brought an iced coffee and a bottle of water to cool off. The food and service were excellent at the Olive Café. It is not a place where we would spend a lot of time, but it is worth stopping by. The best thing about this café was that it was right next door to the beach. We went there for breakfast. We could sit outside and watch the surfers, or go inside and eat in the air conditioning. We ordered the Eggs Benedict.


Is it possible to have an all-day breakfast? That is always a positive thing for us. There are breakfast and lunch options at the Olive Café. There was a picnic on the beach at this location. There was a toddler eating cheese quesadillas.


We asked a local to recommend a baby-friendly restaurant after we saw the La Jolla seals. Puesto is a taco restaurant located a few blocks from the tourist track. Although Puesto is a bit of a higher-end taco place, with many creative and gourmet tacos on offer, it’s still a family-friendly restaurant. The stroller was parked for us by the staff, who offered great menu suggestions for the kids. The taco was incredible. It’s a good idea to go for the “mix & match” taco. The Filet Mignon was the top contender, but it was difficult to pick a favorite.


The grilled cheese sandwich is something the kid loves. A quick, extremely satisfying lunch is what you can get at Cheesy Express. Trust me, you will not leave hungry! The prices were reasonable and the sandwiches were delicious. The BBQ N Mac and the JD’s Melt were shared with us. The winner agreed to be the JD’s Melt. The kid’s meal is also on the menu of Cheesy Express.


After a day at the beach, The La Playa taco shop is a great place to eat. When you are eating out with kids, the food comes in large portions and is inexpensive.

A Kid-Friendly San Diego Attraction Pass

Multi-attraction passes are not usually recommended for families with a baby. It is hard to find enough attractions to cover the cost of the pass. For families with a baby or toddler, the San Diego attraction pass is great.

You can buy admission passes to specific attractions in San Diego with the Go San Diego Explorer pass. With a digital San Diego attraction pass, you can save time at your attractions by showing your app at each attraction to enter. You can save money with the Go San Diego Explorer Pass. Depending on which San Diego attractions you choose, the savings can be 50% or more off regular ticket prices.


Traveling with a baby or toddler can be a rewarding experience filled with cherished memories. These carefully selected destinations offer a range of experiences that cater to families with young children. Remember to pack your baby travel carrier and stroller from BabyTravelsKit to ensure a comfortable and convenient journey.

Whether you’re exploring the natural wonders of national parks or enjoying the excitement of city attractions, these destinations provide the perfect backdrop for your family’s unforgettable adventure. So, plan your trip, embrace the joy of travel, and create precious moments with your little one.

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